About us

We are Paul and Elly Groenewegen. August 1, 2016 we moved to the Langstraat in Achthuizen on Goeree Overflakkee. We have never regretted for a second moving from the big city to the countryside.

With great pleasure we have renovated, refurbished, cultivated and landscaped the house and the garden and apart from small jobs we are almost finished after 5 years of hard work, we are integrated and we never want to leave here!

The latter is not surprising, given the peace, space and view we have. We can indulge ourselves in our garden, vegetable garden, orchard and with our bee colonies. And best of all, we are finally ready to rent out our guest house to people who want to discover our beautiful island. Ready to provide them with a comfortable stay and to familiarize them with everything you can enjoy at Goeree Overflakkee.