Here you will get an impression of the diversity of activities and sights that you can find at Goeree Overflakkee.

Flower bulb fields

Beautiful flower fields from mid-April

Spring is awakening, we can go outside again and enjoy the beautiful nature. Cycling and walking, but also by car you can pass the many flower bulb fields on Flakkee. Depending on the weather, the tulips are in bloom from the end of March / mid-April to about mid-May and that is really a color explosion not to be missed! Almost one in ten tulips sold in the Netherlands comes from the South Holland island. There are several places in the Netherlands where you can admire these flower fields, but Goeree Overflakkee is certainly not the least! So enjoy yourself here and take beautiful pictures!

Various flower bulb fields can be reached on foot or by bike from Bed & View.

Fruit trees

Flowering fruit trees

In early spring (April and May), the fruit trees are in bloom again on Flakkee. Impressively beautiful! Very close to Bed & Uitzicht you will find Kees van de Water’s orchard with a wide variety of fruit trees, but the most special one is the Regal Red or Me Amore, a large red pear that only lasts about three in a kilo and is sooooo delicious! By the way, that goes for all its fruit. In late summer and autumn, the fruit stand at the edge of the orchard is again ready for you to buy all that delicious fruit yourself.

The address: Altekleinsedijk 3 in Ooltgensplaat

The Oyster Dam

The Oyster Dam

The Oesterdam is located on the Oosterschelde, a dam between Tholen and Zuid-Beveland. If you like oysters, you can pick and collect oysters here!

Official rules do apply, you can bring a total of up to 10 kilos per person of oysters, mussels and other shellfish and only to use yourself! You may not damage the bottom, the mud is forbidden territory and if a stretch of beach has been cordoned off, you are of course not allowed to collect oysters.

The oyster season runs from September to April, after that it gets warmer and the oysters are no longer tasty, you collect at low tide, two hours before and two hours after low tide. How nice is it to collect this delicacy!

Spotting flamingos

Spotting flamingos

Near the harbor in Battenoord (near Nieuwe Tonge) on the Grevelingenmeer, a group of about 30 flamingos settle here every year in winter to spend the winter. They come from the Zwillbrocker Venn in Germany where the freshwater lake freezes over in winter. The water in the Grevelingenmeer is salty, so it does not freeze and is full of crustaceans and shellfish that the flamingos love. They get their pink color from eating the shrimp and the dyes from the algae.

You can find the flamingos close by on the left side of the harbor or a little further on the right. There is a watchtower in the harbor, so bring your binoculars! The coast along the Grevelingenmeer is worth a trip in itself!

Atmospheric marinas

Atmospheric marinas and harbor canals

Goeree Overflakkee has authentic marinas on all sides of the island, so you can reach our island from all sides with your own boat and moor, you can taste the atmosphere of the different towns and villages and enjoy good food. In earlier times, these marinas were sea ports. In addition, Goeree Overflakkee has seven historic harbor channels, along which there is much to discover. For centuries the harbor channels were the lifeblood of the island, people and products were brought in or out via this route, to and from the bustling ports. Now, in our time they can partly still be sailed, you can walk or cycle along them to enjoy this water, the vast landscape and the beautiful monuments of Goeree Overflakkee.

Heritage line Goeree Overflakkee tells the story about living with and surviving the water as friend and foe. This heritage line combines monuments, landscape and water and tells an important story of the history of Goeree Overflakkee. Between all this history and culture, the harbor canals lie like pearls in the landscape.

Information about all this is available for perusal at the B&B or you can buy from the VVV Goeree Overflakkee for a small amount.

Villages & Towns

Cozy villages and towns

On Goeree Overflakkee you will not find any big cities, the villages and towns are authentic and atmospheric, there are hardly any high-rise buildings and yet you will find everything you could want. Plenty of cozy cafes and eateries, nice shops, artisan bakers and butchers, cheese farms and a country shop, but also modern supermarkets and weekly markets.

There is a movie house, a lot of culture, a small zoo, there are several museums and beautiful monuments to see and even more, too much to mention.

The coast and beaches of Goeree Overflakkee

The coast and beaches of Goeree Overflakkee

A short distance away, you will find the beautiful beaches on Grevelingen Lake and Haringvliet, where you can enjoy recreation, swimming and fun.

More than half an hour’s drive from Langstraat / Achthuizen are the lovely, clean and spacious beaches on the North Sea at Ouddorp and Goedereede. At various beaches there are cozy beach bars where you can enjoy lunch, dinner or a drink

Breathtaking bike rides

Beautiful bike rides and lovely walks through green landscapes

Goeree Overflakkee has several beautiful nature reserves, where you can enjoy peace and space, hear and spot many birds, have the chance to see deer, where hares run and pheasants carefully seek their way. Where fjorde horses and heck cattle can be admired. Each one an oasis for nature lovers!

But also over and along the dikes it is wonderful to cycle and walk, to feel the wind in your hair and to experience the vastness of our island. Even then it may just happen that you will see deer, hares and pheasants in the fields and meadows of our farmers!

And in early spring you can marvel at the beautiful flower fields in all colors, really beautiful!

Culinary enjoyment at local restaurants

Enjoy our local restaurants

For every taste and for every budget you can enjoy a delicious meal here, from a delicious fries to an extensive dinner, everything can be found within a short distance.

bed en uitzicht

For the real fisherman

For the real fisherman

5 minutes away, at Sluishaven, there is a possibility to trailer to go fishing on the Volkerak. 12 minutes away there is a possibility to trail at the Banaan to go fishing on the Hollands Diep or the Haringvliet, a little further trailering is also possible at Den Bommel or in Middelharnis.

In addition, there is a possibility to park a small fishing boat with us during your stay at Langstraat 68 in Achthuizen.